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Created 28-Nov-13
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A touch of fantasy for those who prefer something a little different. Please see links with images to purchase artworks.
Images now available for purchase on 1-pamela-phelps.artistwebsites.com/ www.pinesinger.imagekind.com/ www.zazzle.com/pamelasdreams or www.zazzle.com/collectivecommunity(Not-for-profit, fund raising site)
The Fifth CreationPerfect LightBeware the Catskill WitchFaerie's Winter SlumberTransparent FreedomTwilight Over the HudsonFather Time BlessingsWhat Can Be LostDigress and ExploreSolemn SecretsCasting SpellsThe ParadoxPeak ExperienceIn All Her GloryMany a MilePain and FoolishnessAll That We SeeIf Winter ComesCast The GiftHealthy Desire

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